International Moving Company, Cross Border Movers

Moving abroad is usually one that needs a great deal of thinking, preparation, and planning.  Due to its delicate nature, it is virtually impossible to pull off a global movement without the help of qualified expert movers, and this is where you can count on Compass Relocation The international moving company, Our goal is to make sure your precious cargo gets to your new destination securely and on schedule, and the thrill of moving to a new country is alive. 

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International Moving

With the price of oil plummeting and an excess of container ships on the market, it's a fabulous time to get a great deal on international box shipping. Though basic rules of commerce still apply, and you'll pay more for long-distance moves and moves that involve less-trafficked transportation routes. Never the less, the easiest way to assure you get the best deal is to get a long-distance moving estimate.


As the premier movers, Vancouver compass relocation is The most cost-effective and efficient way to ship your small, midsize and large cargo abroad. 
The economical international shipping crate sizes are consists of 10ft, 20ft, 40ft and 53ft to undertake any moving job.


The overseas shipping from Canada was created to help local businesses to send and receive cargo worldwide. This service enables small business owners to send and receive goods internationally. If you are looking to reduce your shipping bill drastically we would love to hear from you.


Cross Border Movers

Cross-border moving to Canada from the US is a complex process. However, Compass Relocation, cross border movers specialists, will assist you in making your move to your new home pleasant and stress-free.

​We are a very skilled team of Canada to USA movers, with a size of expert knowledge in assisting Americans moving to Canada, or helping natives moving back to Canada from the USA. Our full range of services offered to clients moving to America from Canada, or from Canada to the US, includes packing and unpacking of your belongings, custom crating, in-transit storage, long-term storage, vehicle transport and much more.  Most importantly, our talented workforce will complete your cross border move with the utmost care, within budget and on-time.

As the most reliable cross border moving company in Vancouver, you can rely on compass relocation to manage your move from beginning to the end.  
Securely, with the quality, you deserve at an affordable rate.